Monday, April 27, 2009

Some one initiated the below topic on Linked:hr
Should HR Professionals be political? Is there a reality between playing politics and pleasing others? Truely this profession is meant to de politicize the organisation,while many still play politics and call themselves HR professionals. This a lie
My response to the question -
I do not understand why this question is directed only towards HR professionals? I construe that the topic might have been an outcome of a bitter experience with an HR professional.
Ideally, it is not required for any professional to be political, if he/she is competent and equally convincing. Business operations turn out to be successful if they are built on strong foundation of ethics, trust, transparency and competency. Politics crops up when there is some amount of insecurity and lack of clarity; hence, professionals should work on the basis of facts & statistics. Data is the strongest weapon in the hands of professionals, and data alone distinguishes between performance and non-performance. I would suggest that all the decision points should be well documented in the form of an email or letter, duly signed by the decision maker, so that there is no lack of clarity in messages. Important messages need to be communicated by the decision making authority, so that there is no rumour mongering amongst stake holders. Any thing that is not validated in the form of data is a rumour, and rumour has no place in any organization. HR professionals have an instrumental role in advising the management on techniques of arresting unnecessary rumors within the organization, and facilitating forums for information dissemination. It is a human choice to distance oneself from the political environment. After all, work should be one's passion, and not merely a job!

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